Yellow Fever Quiz

Building vocabulary: Medical English
Yellow fever
Take a short quiz
How much do you know about yellow fever? Find out by taking this quiz?
1.   Does yellow fever still exist today?
a.   Yes          b. No

2.   Can yellow fever be spread from person to person?
a.   Yes          b. No

3.   What color vomit do patients frequently have?
a.   black                           d. brown    
b.   yellow                         e. gray or grey                  
c.   orange                        f. clear                
4.   With proper treatment, how many of yellow fever victims die?
a.   90%                      d. 50%
b.   100%                    e. 0%                  
c.   99%                      f. 5%              

5.   Why is it called yellow?
a.   You get scared
b.   Yellow vomit
c.   Yellow skin and eyes
d.   Yellow blood
e.   No reason

6.   What insect spreads yellow fever?
a.   Cockroach                            e.  ant
b.   housefly                                f. ladybird
c.   butterfly                                 g.  grasshopper
d.   Mosquito: Aedes aegypti      h.  bee

7.   Which ones are the initial symptoms of yellow fever?
a.   Fever and chills
b.   Severe headaches and back pain
c.   Myalgia (muscle pain) and Nausea
d.   Prostation
e.   All of them

8.   In what year, did a devastating yellow fever epidemic strike Philadelphia?
a.   1663           c. 1920           e. 1793
b.    1888           d. 1757
9.   When did the yellow plague (yellow fever) strike Europe?
a.   1347-1351
b.   Revolutionary war
c.   1918
d.   After fall of Rome
e.   Never

10.   In 1793, which race was used as doctors?
a.   White                       d. All
b.   Black
c.   Asian
d.   Latino

11.   Who wrote “Fever 1793”?
a.   Chis Jines
b.   Laurie Halse Anderson
c.   Bevery Cleary
d.   Gordon Korman

12.   Yellow Fever was classified as an Epidemic.
a.   True                     b. False

13.   A yellow jack is caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito.

14.   The incubation last from 3 to 6 days

15.   Black vomit is also caused by flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito

16.   An infectious disease is a disease transmitted only by specific kind of contact.
17.   What does epidemic mean?.
1.   Disease that spreads rapidly and affects an inordinately large number of people within a very short period.  
2.   Unexpected and sudden increase in the number of people affected by a particular disease with a geographical region.

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